South Carolina Alliance To Fix Our Roads

  • Save the date: The SCFOR Annual Meeting is set for September 22, 2014

  • Over the past 10 years, traffic in SC has increased by 43%.

  • Over 1,600 bridges in SC need to be repaired or replaced.

  • SC drivers pay $255 each year in extra vehicle repairs, tire wear and fuel burned in traffic jams. This is a direct result of congestion and driving on roads in need of repair.

  • SC drivers pay less than $10 a month in fees to use SC highways.

  • The SC state owned highway system is the 4th largest in the nation.

  • Motor vehicle crashes cost SC $3.3B per year in medical costs, lost productivity, travel delays, workplace costs, insurance costs and legal costs.

  • Roadway conditions are a significant factor in approximately one-third of traffic fatalities.

  • There were 833 fatal accidents in South Carolina in 2012.

  • Drivers in South Carolina lose 18,661,827 hours sitting in traffic each year.

  • SCDOT estimates that SC lost $397M in economic activity in 2011 because of congestion.

  • 80% of SC Communities depend exclusively on trucks to transport the goods they use every day.


The South Carolina Alliance to Fix Our Roads is a non-partisan, non-profit, statewide organization made up of business leaders, associations and chambers of commerce who believe that an

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The mission of this Alliance is to facilitate safe and efficient highway systems throughout South Carolina. The purposes of the Alliance is to foster and promote an adequate, safe and well-maintained highway transportation system throughout the State. To work in cooperation with officials at all levels of govern-ment, industry, private citizens and advocacy

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Nationally, 19% of all public roads are state-owned. County or municipal governments locally own the other 81% of the roads in America. Here in South Carolina, 63% of the road miles are state-owned and 37% are locally owned. This means that SCDOT controls and maintains three times the number of miles as in other states.

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